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This page is my perhaps-vain attempt to catalog my published works up to now. Beneath my resume are my professional writings, followed by writing I did as an undergraduate. And below that are what passes for my attempt at rap music, made because a) I love the art and b) you find your limits by testing them, to put it lightly.

Samuel P. Flynn


Heroic Hollywood: 2016-17

Selected articles:

Cars 3 press day coverage:

The Chautauqua Daily: 2015

Week 1: Literacy

Week 2: Boys Will Be Boys, Then Men

Week 3: Immigration

Week 4: Irrationality

Week 5: Art & Politics

Week 6: Vanishing

Week 7: Europe Divided

Week 8: The Middle East Now and Next

The Athens News: 2014-15

July, August & September 2014

October 2014

November 2014

December 2014, January & February 2015


The InterActivist



  1. Take Me Away 
  2. Reflection 
  3. Blame 

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